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Looking to Spend Money to Gain YouTube Subscribers?

Does paying for subscribers or paying for views by using viewbots, commenting bots, or websites that try to game the system actually work?

It's 2020.

The YouTube gods have picked up on all that BS and it doesn’t work. Your channel could get striked for paying for subscribers or views - plus it could even get deleted so DO NOT try it. Believe me. I’ve seen others try and while you might get some short gains… YouTube is eventually going to delete those fake subscribers or views and you’ll be back where you started… except your wallet is going to be a little lighter.

I’ve been on YouTube for 10 years now.. That stuff used to work back in the day and YouTube caught on so it doesn’t work now. The only way to truly grow a channel is by putting in the effort and making bomb content…. And by doing something we’ll talk about today.

And I get it! If you’re already putting in amazing effort and making some badass content… and nobody’s watching it. It sucks. I know. I’ve been there.

I teach others how break through that and to actually gain some traction on YouTube in my online courses. But sometimes if we’ve got some money laying around and we really just want to grow our audience on YouTube – we try some shady things. And again.. they don’t work.

Butttt what if I told you there is ONE legal way to pay for subscribers?

Yup – the strategy I want to talk about is NOT against YouTube’s terms of service. It is totally legal and 100% good to go – YouTube will NOT penalize you at all for this… in fact they’ll praise you for doing something like this because it make sense to their business model.

So let me show you what I’m talking about and then I’ll show you how you can actually start doing this on your own.

I’ve somewhat fine tuned – but making it more efficient every single day – this strategy, so it ends up costing me about $0.57 per subscriber. And these are REAL subscribers who actually stick around and watch more content (which is really important for continued channel growth).

So what’s the secret?

We’re talking about Google Ads. Gnarly – I know.

This is what my ad looks like that I run to gain more subscribers. Pretty much just like a normal YouTube video except for that little “Ad” icon.

But first show you how I got this 57 cents per subscriber number and then I’ll show you how you can make this work for you.

1. So I take my overall ad spend on this campaign ($186)

This is over the course of 4 months by the way... which is only $1.50 a day. Big Baller Alert!

2. Then we go into the Reach Tab in the YouTube Studio

I set the same custom time frame as Google Ads and then I scroll down to the Traffic Source Types to see how many of the views on this video actually came from my Google Ad.

It looks like about 72.9% of my total views on this video came from my ad.

3. So now we can look in the Audience Tab in the YouTube Studio

We can see how many subscribers this video has actually gotten me. Which is 217.

So then I take 217 and I multiply it by 72.9% which is about 158 subscribers. While it’s not exact, I can deduce that I got about 158 subscribers from this ad that I’m running.

Now remember I said I spent $186, right?

Well not quite because all of those people who clicked onto my video, actually ended up watching an ad at the beginning of it…. Making me a few dollars in ad revenue myself!

4. If we go to the Revenue Tab in the YouTube Studio…

We can see that we’ve made about $130.72 from this video in total. Again not all revenue came from the ad so we then multiply that by 72.9% which gives us about $95.29.


If I take the $186 of my total spend…. Subtract that by $95.29 (which was my earnings) …that gives me $90.71 which is then my actual ad spend.

So I got 158 subscribers remember? Well I can take my $90.71 and divide it by 158 subscribers which gives me a cost per subscriber of $0.57.


WHATTTTTT!?!?!!? I told you it was gnarly.

How You Can Do It To

So if you’re sitting there thinking, how in the hellllll do I get this going for me and my channel… well strap in because we’re about to go over it.

But first… if you know anything about business – this entire strategy is essentially what’s called a “customer acquisition cost”. How much it costs me to acquire a new subscriber who will then hopefully support my channel by watching my other videos and in turn… earning me more ad revenue in the long run. Hopefully… eventually netting me a positive return on the money I spent.

So that’s wicked cool to me because it combines two industries that I love.. YouTube and Business/Finance but YOU just want to know how you can get this rockin and rollin so here you go:

Step 1- You need a Google Ads account

I’ve clearly made a video about that as it was my actual ad that I just went over… So click here to learn how to set one up.

Step 2 – You need to create a video that people are going to enjoy

...And not only that, but something that people are going to be searching for.

There’s tons of ways to look up search volume – I like VidIQ. And I’ve made tons of other videos on my YouTube channel showing you how to look up search volume and keywords and all that good stuff so check this out for my YouTube tips and tricks playlist.

Step 3 – You need to run a Google Ads: DISCOVERY AD on YouTube.

It’s pretty simple. You just go to create a Google Ad… then click Custom Campaign and then Video. Then do Custome Video Campaign as you’ll see in the description it says “discovery ads”.

Then just setup an ad like any other Facebook or social media ad. Pick your audience, keywords, or whatever type of person you think will like your video.

Step 4 – Run it!

I like to keep my average cost per click pretty dang low but it’s your channel and your audience so you can setup and target whoever you want to. The more specific you get, the more expensive it’ll probably be.

But there’s all sorts of strategies and campaign stuff you can do… Check this out and this out for some more information on my YouTube Ads strategies.


Running Discovery Ads and Advertising on Youtube is the only legit way to pay for subscribers.

And if you want that next level help, then seriously check out the online courses that I have… My Masterclass has helped over 10,000+ channel’s get off the ground. And I’m STILL working on finishing my YouTube advertising course so stay tuned on that.

But if you’re a business or an individual who has a good chunk of money to spend to reach certain goals with YouTube.. then reach out to me via social media and I can get you linked up with some good YouTube consultants or if I have the time, I can help you out myself.

But ultimately, I hope you all learned something new. NOBODY else on the internet is talking about this specific strategy. I guarantee it… Sure people have used Google Ads to gain views but nobody has fine tuned it to get subscribers.

It’s exciting stuff. So if you have some money to spend then this is how you do it. Stay away from the bots and the services that claim to get you REAL subscribers…

Let me know what you think!

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Hi, I'm Shawn Malkou. I'm determined to help you succeed. My question is, are you ready?

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