How to Set SMART Goals You’ll Actually Achieve (Complete Goal Guide)

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If you know anything about me, you’ll know that once I set a goal, I do everything in my power to achieve that goal.

My YouTube channel for instance was built on a goal. In 2019, I set a goal to post one video a week no matter what, to see what would happen. I went from 0 subscribers to 10k subscribers!

My life revolves around goals. Whether they are short term goals or long term goals, if I set a SMART goal, I achieve it.

So today I’m actually setting a new goal and I figured I would share with you on how I specifically set a goal to be successful.

I talk about this in a lot more depth in my time management course but for now let's go over the abridged version. 

If you are struggling to set and achieve goals, get ready because we are going to change that. 

First and foremost I’m a huge believer of SMART! goals.

What’s a SMART! Goal?





Time Bound


I like to throw my own twist on it by adding an exclamation point. An exclamation point to me, means something is really important and the main reason why I’m motivated to achieve my goals. I’ll explain further in just a moment.

But to start off let’s go over each one as I tell you about the new goal I’m setting today.

Real quick, a little background on me. My life goes in the order of heavily focused on business, then probably pleasure, and then fitness. So with that being said the majority of my goals are business focused.

BUT TODAY, my goal is around fitness.

As you can see from this picture, I’ve always been an incredibly small dude compared to my peers. I was like 90lbs in high school until my junior year,  which then I was like maybe 115lbs.

So I’ve always wanted to build more muscle but found it incredibly hard because of my fast metabolism.

I finally got my body weight up to like 150lbs in college, see the photo above.

Then I had shoulder surgery on my labrum and couldn’t workout for almost an entire year. I was back down to 120lbs. So long story short, my body weight fluctates a lot, making it challenging to keep my body weight above 150lbs.

Anyways back to my goal!

The goal I’m setting today is the following:

“To gain 20lbs of muscle weight by the end of 2020 – And I’m going to up my calorie intake by 35% and I’m not going to be working out less than 4 days a week”.

So let’s break that down with the SMART! Method:

S: Is my goal Specific? 

Yes. To double check this, you need to answer the five “W” questions. AND WRITE THEM DOWN. My office is full of sticky notes, and notepads, and my blackboard with things I want to achieve. Write down, what do you want to accomplish? Why is this goal important? Who is involved? Where is it located? Which resources or limits are involved? Figure it all out and write it down. It's solidified.

M: Is my goal Measurable?

Yes. 20lbs in the next 9ish months. Now I’m going to make a little progress report every month to see if I need to change anything to reach my goal. I personally think I can do it sooner but 9 months is the goal.

Which leads me into the next one.

A: Is my goal Achievable? 

Yes. I did a lot of research on this and used my resources to acheive this goal. My business partner Nate used to be a physical trainer and has a very similar body type to me. He did the same thing a few years ago. I’ve got all sorts of supplements I’ll be taking and I put myself on a meal plan that gets delivered to my door every Monday and Wednesday. So I can’t use the excuse that I don’t have food in my house, hopefully it’s foolproof baby.

R: Is my goal Relevant?

Yes. A lot of people set goals that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, and then say they’re “busy”. So you need to take a step back and ask yourself, is this goal worthwhile? Is it the right time in my life? Am I the right person for this? All of these are viable questions. I’ve personally been trying to reach the 165-170lb mark for the last 7 years of my life. However the big difference is that now I’m in a financial position to be able to afford the increased food budget. Plus I’m young, for this goal, it’s either now or never.

T: Is my goal Time-bound?

100% YES. This is one of the most important steps. There are so many people that set a goal without an end-date. This is why the majority of people never achieve their overarching goals. If I said I wanted to be a billionaire, I could always hide behind the excuse that… Oh I’ve got 70 years of my life ahead of me… I could be a billionaire whenever…. Yeah no.

That clearly takes a lot of time and a really detailed plan to achieve. So set a date on your goal and then work backwards to figure out what you need to do to reach that goal.

Lastly, the MOST important aspect of setting SMART! Goals, is my little touch. The exclamation point.

The exclamation point is a punctuation mark that is usually used after an interjection or exclamation to indicate strong feelings or high volume.

If you have strong feelings towards your goal, you will achieve it. We’ve all heard Eric Thomas’s famous quote:

"If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful."

So I add the exclamation for 2 reasons. One, to make sure you’re not only physically involved, but also mentally and emotionally involved. Then two, an exclamation is used to express your strong feelings primarily to others. So tell EVERYONE and ANYONE about your goal. It’s easier to let yourself down than it is to let others down. If other people are emotionally invested in your goal or just know about it, you’ll be a million times more likely to succeed.

When I set the goal to post one video a week on my YouTube channel, I told the world! At the time, I told all 20,000 of my online students, my friends and family, I mean everyone.

So that’s how you set a SMART! Goal. AND I’m making this video to tell everyone on this channel about my new goal – plus I’ve been telling friends and family. So I gotta do it now!

And I’m going to be taking monthly video updates of my progress and hopefully achieving this bad boy. Once I do, I’ll upload a video on my channel breaking everything down. Not only the success but the struggles and the progress and everything. 

But here’s my day one starting metrics and we’ll see what day I reach my goal.

I’m 151lbs right now and I’m super pumped and hopefully I can follow through with this.

But if you take anything away from this post, just know that a dream written down with a date = a goal. A goal broken down into steps = a plan. A plan backed by action = accomplishment.

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Hi, I'm Shawn Malkou. I'm determined to help you succeed. My question is, are you ready?

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