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I graduated college about 2 years ago, but I still have a lot of friends who are in college. Doing those victory laps and just can’t seem to graduate and start living their lives.

When I ask them to do something, I hear the same thing over and over again, "I have no money" or "I can't right now that's just too expensive."

To be honest, it is so damn frustrating! It is frusutrating because I have been there before yet I figured out a way to make money. 

Quick background on me. I was fortunate enough to go to a really high end highschool with some of the richest kids in the state of Arizona. However I personally was on financial aid and watched my parents work their butts off because they were definitely not well off. Thankfully because my academics were good,  I was able to get a few high school scholarships to help fund my education.

On the downside, I could never do any of the fun things that all of my friends would do because I literally had no money. I couldn’t even put gas in my car!

So THIS is what motivated me to figure out how in the hell I could make some money to be able to do fun stuff. Since highschool, I never let money be the reason why I can’t do something I really want to do.

By the time I got to college, I was making around $40k a year from all my side hustles and was considered a big baller on campus! It always surprises me how cheaply you can live when you’re in college. If you can generate $20k-$40k a year, you can live like a king! 

Never having to worry about paying for a 30 rack or the $15 bottle you split with like 5 people to make it affordable at $3 a person. Wait, no it’d be $3.49 a person because we have to factor in tax and the gas jonny spent to drive .4 miles to go pick it up. Ahhh the days of college where the savings accounts are bone dry and bar floors are constantly soaking wet.

So I get it, money can be tight in college. That’s why I want to tell you about my best strategies to do in college in order to make you some serious chedda without sacrificing too much time since we don’t want your grades to start falling which leads to the 5th and 6th year seniors. So let’s get into it.

I’ve made a few videos in the past about making money that somewhat apply to college kids. Things like passive income and jobs you can do from anywhere in the world or just jobs you can do from home

This list however is specifically designed for college students, considering most college student typically have:

1.       No Money

2.       No Experience

3.       A Bunch of Time

So with those in mind, I gathered some things I personally did when I was in college and also did some research on some other unique ways to make roughly $25,000/yr with these part-time jobs.

Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

1. Tutoring: This is EASY money that most people don't realize is constantly left on the table. Just because you personally don’t have money, that doesn’t mean Johnny’s mom doesn’t have money. She wants her little Johnny to graduate and will do anything to make that happen. So if you’re crushing it in one of your classes and someone else is struggling, tell them you’ll tutor them for 2 hours at $20/hr twice a week.That’s $80/wk for 4 hours of your time which is $4,160/yr. Think if you got a few kids to tutor. Bang easy money.2. On-Campus Job: From working at the various food places on campus, to the field maintenance, to the dorm RAs, or even to being a student advisor, there are so many jobs on campus. Get off your butt and apply! Fill out some apps. Boom. Easy money.

2. Podcasting: This is something I WISH I did in college. I tried convincing my roommates to start a podcast with me so many times but we never did. But truly, just starting a podcast and speaking about your college experience. Once you get some momentum, it could be some LEGIT income! And even better, think about 10 years from now when you’ve got a wife and some gremlins running around how badass would it be to listen to your old college stories?

Like you go out one night. Podcast about it the next. Ahhh GOLD. So I definitely recommend you take advantage of that. If you want to know how to start a podcast, I made a video walking you through the steps and how easy it is. Check it out here: How to Setup & Start a Podcast

3. Rideshare or Food Delivery: Another popular part-time job is driving for Uber, Lyft, Postmates, etc. You have tons of time. You might think you don’t have time, but let me tell you, YOU DO. So drive for one of those companies like 5-10hrs a week and you’ll be golden.

4. Cleaning Service: Who would have thought that being a maid could you make you bank? Hold up! I know this sounds crazy. But being a maid can actually make you good money. I hate to admit it, but I hate cleaning. In college I actually paid a maid to come clean my bedroom and bathroom. And when I say maid in college, it was literally just another student that I found on craigslist that I paid around $55 to come clean once a month. Best money I ever spent. So that’s an option and if you’re like noooooooo wayyyyy in helllllll am I cleaning other people’s stuff. Well ok, then be a mover.

5. Moving Service: Think about how many times people move in college. I personally lived in the dorms for about 1 semester before I pretty much got kicked out (that’s another story), then I lived in an apartment for 6 months. Then moved to another apartment for 12 months. Then moved into a house for 2 years before moving out when I graduated. You get the idea, I had to move a lot and it was a pain.

So throw up a craigslist ad saying you’ll move peoples stuff for them. EASY MONEY. Most students don’t even have cars (in fact according to U.S. News only 46.8 percent of students bring cars to college) so if you have a car, bam.

Maid and Movers kill it. Trust me. The time you spend vs how much money you make is really good.

6. Online Surveys and Tests: I’ve talked about this before. But it’s SUCH a great source of easy income. Respondent is one of the website's that is great. Here is the link: get signed up and start participating in their projects. You’ll make like $50-$100/hr. You CAN’T beat that. 

7. Youtube or Blogging: This is something that kind of goes with the podcast and it’s predominantly how I made the majority of my income in college. You guessed it, it’s with posting videos to YouTube or just blogging. You’d be surprised how crazy things can get if you stay dedicated. Plus it’s just amazing content you’ll love to look back on once you graduate.

I cannot stress this one enough. Just do it. Do it.

8. On-Campus Job: Another simple and well known job is getting an on campus job. From working at the various food places on campus, to the field maintenance, to the dorm RAs, or even to being a student advisor, there are so many opportunities. 

My sister had the KING of all college jobs because she somehow finessed her way into working in HR as the Payroll Manager at the University I went to. Which was awesome because I got all my friends jobs in college.  She had connections with all the hiring managers across campus. 

9. Property Manager: Alright, saving one of the best ones for last. And that is something that a friend of mine did in college and is absolutely GENIUS. It’s being a property manager. No. You do not have to have ANY money or ANY properties to do this. 

Just think about the average turnover in rentals for college towns. At the end of every semester there are tons of students moving in and out of various places, landlords don’t want to deal with all that noise. That’s where you step in.

So go on craigslist or Zillow or however you find long-term rental houses and call the property owners and ask them if they need a property manager. You have to be a little "sales-y" here but it’s easy money. Pitch how much time you could save them and all the headaches you can save them by being the point of contact for the tenants and for being the point of contact for moving tenants in and out of the property.

Negotiate your pay with a percentage so that makes sense for them. Like tell them, “Hey you’re renting this house for $2,000/mo. I work for 5%. If you pay me $100 a month, I’ll manage this property for you. Like answer calls whenever something breaks or the tenants need help with something. I’ll be their point of contact and handle most situations without even involving you. All you have to do is collect your money, hassle free each month."

Plus your rate will be super competitive since most bigger property management companies charge far more. We’re talking like 8%-12%.

Think if you were to grab 5-10 properties… That’s EASY money. You wouldn’t really be doing much at all and you’d be collecting money each month. My buddy had at least 25 properties that he managed regularly. He was killing it in college. All he did was call every listing in his area and said, "Let’s raise the rental price by 5% and I’ll manage the property for you and you’ll still make as much money as you are now."

He crushed it. At one point he was making like $5,000 a month and would probably spend 5 hours a month doing things. 

Insane ROI.

So if you take anything away from this post, it should be this one.

Get on the horn and start making some bank.

BUTTTTTTTT #10 on my list is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Fail proof method. You can't beat it. Trust me on this.

It’s something I like to call, finding your rich spouse in college. Forget happy hours, spend some time in the med school building. Maybe engineering. Shoot maybe even computer science. 

The sky is the limit baby.

So here’s to rich moms and hot dads (cheers beer).

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