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What is a Gaming Standing Desk?

While the current market for standing desks isn't designed specifically for gamers, there are some products that have a set of features that gamers would appreciate. Features that make a gamer's life much more enjoyable and comfortable as they log tons of hours at their desk.

Regardless of PC or console gaming, these gaming desks can change the entire gaming experience.


1. DirectionDesk Gaming 60"
2. MojoDesk Gamer Pro 60"
3. EvoDesk Gaming Desk
4. DIY Frame Only Gaming Desk

Why Should Gamers Use a Standing Desk?

Since 2011, standing desks have been becoming more and more popular because of the benefits they bring to the table (pun very much intended)... It's no different in the gaming world though.

-Increases Focus | Those who maintain regular spurts of activity reduce risk of cognitive decline by 50%. Plus with increased blood circulation, not only are higher levels of concentration attaintable but every system of the body feels better and healthier.
-Reduces Pain | Bones, like muscles, require regular movement to maintain strength which reduces aches and pains that result from sitting too long. Moving from standing to sitting throughout your gaming session, keeps pain at bay.
-Improves Posture | Standing (with proper prosture!) puts the spine into a more naturally aligned position, not only improving your body's look - but also increasing your body's lifespan as numerous health problems have been linked to sedentary behavior and sitting with bad posture.
-Increases Comfortability | No matter how comfortable or cool your chair is, the more time spent in it, the less comfortable it becomes and the less you want to continue gaming. Alternating between sitting and standing allows you to stay comfortable and log more hours with friends and teammates.

Office workers and businesses see the value and have been utilizing height-adjustable desks for years. The increased productivity and comfort levels alone make it worth it. Since there's a significant ROI in the office world, why not also in the gaming world?

It's coming.

There aren't tons of standing desks made specifically for gaming just yet. But there are some options.

Must Have for Gaming Desks

In determining which standing desk features are best for gaming, I did some market research from various PC and Console gamers. Not only that, but I interviewed gamers from various gaming worlds (MOBAs, FPSs, Sandboxes, Sports, etc.) to get an even better gauge. So while my background is in standing desks, I'm going to keep this guide as objective as possible.

Here's the key components (in order of importance) that make for the perfect standing desk for gamers:

Style - Across the board, gamers stressed how important it is to have the coolest gaming setup possible. When your setup looks good, you feel good and are more confident when playing. It makes sense because... if you're going to spend a lot of time and money on your gaming setup, then why fall short with an average looking desk?
Cable Management - Most gaming setups have multiple monitors, speakers, headsets, controllers, a mouse, audio equipment, etc. This means spaghetti wires. Keeping the gaming station as clean as possible is paramount to not only a good look, but an effecient setup. Monitor arms can also help keep the actual desk top free and clear.
Life Capacity - With a serious gaming setup, comes serious weight. As mentioned, gamers have a lot of equipment that can easily out weigh the lifting capacity of many cheaper standing desk frames.
Size - This is becoming a common trend at this point. Gaming setups can be intense. We get it. So why try and cram all the various gaming gear onto a small desk top? Most gamers want a top at least 60in long but the bigger the better.
Memory Settings - Muscle memory is HUGE when it comes to gaming success. Constantly training and practicing in specific positions are paramount to getting better. As a gamer, you'll want to be able to return to your exact preferred sitting and standing height at the touch of a button.
Stability - Lastly, you'll want an extremely stable desk to ensure accurate mouse movement and keyboard input. An unstable desk will just increase your chances at spiraling into a rage fest and ultimately chucking your headset againt the wall.. 

Best Standing Desks for Gamers 


DirectionDesk Gaming 60"

$494 Online

The DirectionDesk Gaming Desk is the best standing desk for gamers. The desk was designed to check all the boxes for gamers at a reasonable price.

Style - Hands down the biggest head turning desk on the market with its white or silver frame, built in LEDs, and a carbon fiber top finish. The look can't be beat.
Cable Management - While it does come with a wire management sock, it does the trick but could be better.
Lift Capacity - At 176 pounds, it shouldn't present any issues whatsoever.
Size - This isn't the biggest desk on the list but considering the price, it'll give enough space for 3 mounted monitors and numerous gaming peripherals.
Memory Settings - 3 savable presets... perfect.
Stability - Dual motors on this steel frame keeps your gaming stations as sturdy as it gets.


MojoDesk Gamer Pro 60"

$1,049.99 Online

The MojoDesk Gamer is another desk that was designed specifically for gamers. It has some incredibly cool features... so if you're willing to eat the very expensive price, this is for you.

Style - Has options for Black or Silver legs and also comes with a carbon fiber top, giving a sleek finish that fits right in with any gaming setup.
Cable Management - Best cable management system period. The super unique MagicSnap Cable Chain not only keeps wires out of mind out of sight... but it also looks amazing.
Lift Capacity - At 300 pounds, it's a tank. - Only problem is, the PC mount only holds 35lbs. Get one of these instead.
Size - Perfect. Available in numerous sizes. The bigger the desk, the more pricey it gets.
Memory Settings - 4 savable presets... beasty.
Stability - MojoDesk boasts about zero bounce and zero wobble with their desks so I imagine the steel frame does the trick!


Evodesk Gaming Desk

$?,???+ Online

The Evodesk Gaming Desk is by far the most unique height-adjustable option on this list. With 8,000+ variations, you can design the perfect gaming station for your needs. Their bare-bones price (with only a 48" top) starts at $699.

Style - Has thousands of options which puts you in the driver's seat to determine what's stylish and what would look good in your home.
Cable Management - Evodesk doesn't mention much about the cable management features which leads me to believe you get a cable sock that'll do the trick.
Lift Capacity - Evodesk doesn't list maximum weight capacity so no comment here.
Size - Pick the one you want! They make them as small as 48" and as massive as 90" long.
Memory Settings - 3 savable presets... nice.
Stability - Welded steel with a tubular steel design (like most of the frames on this list)... this desk isn't going anywhere without significant force.


DirectionDesk Frame Only

$239 on Amazon

Big fan of DirectionDesk but you can't beat the price on the quality you're getting. No other frame-only product out there even comes close. So find your own top, PC mount, some sweet LEDs, and you're set for a fraction of the price.

Style - Sleek and modern with the 3-stage legs - can't complain.
Cable Management - Again you get the wire management sock... does the trick.
Lift Capacity - 176 pounds.
Size - Accomodates desk top sizes 48" to 84" wide. So if you want a mega desk, here's how you get one.
Memory Settings - Again, 3 savable presets.
Stability - Dual motors + durable steel gives you all the sex appeal you'll need for the perfect setup.

Keep in mind I left off a bunch of inferior products because they didn't even come close in hitting some of the key criteria mentioned above. Don't be fooled by the "value" products. A lot of standing desk companies are trying to off-load frames that weren't able to sell as a normal desk, so they're slapping on a new top on it and calling it good. 

Beware of the cheap "gaming" desks. You'll more than likely spend the time getting all setup... to 3-months later having to take it all down because of the low quality.

Trust me. It's worth investing in the things you spend the most time with.

Which desk is your favorite though? Let me know!

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